A music-lover faces many dangers while dining out. An innocent meal can be hijacked by a painful song, a souffle stabbed to death by staccato sounds, or worse, a conversation drowned by a nasal tone.

We’ve started using BC Jukebox, an app which allows us to view a restaurant’s playlist and even request songs, which then get bumped up the restaurant’s playlist. We used this app – as well our own sense of discernment – to tell you which Mumbai cafes and restaurants we’re loving for their music selections. So put those headphones away and read on.

Woodside Inn


Photo source: Woodside Inn – Colaba

We love sitting with a drink at Woodside, not only because of the restful ambience, but for the music playing in the background. Retro rock, retro pop, country and indie selections can be heard here. A few among the many retro artists you can enjoy listening to here are B B King, Bob Dylan and Frank Sinatra.

Doolally Taproom


Photo courtesy: Doolally

Who hasn’t whiled an evening away in Doolally, guzzling down fresh beer and humming to the music? On the BC Jukebox app, we can choose between popular tracks of unpopular artists, or unpopular tracks of popular artists.

The genres they play are rock, hip-hop, pop, R&B, indie. Artists include Mumford & Sons, Iron & Wine and Incubus.



Photo source: NRI BKC

NRI {Not Really Indian} as the name defines itself, serves the best of western cuisines with Indian spices. With their music too, they like to play music with the best of Asian Underground music. From Prem Joshua to Talvin Singh, NRI’s music is a must-listen.

The Daily Bar & Kitchen


Photo source: The Daily Bar & Kitchen

You can find chill electronic music with the tempo growing through the day at The Daily Bar & Kitchen. The music here is never too loud and it always has elements of house and chillstep. In their jukebox, they have artists such as Disclosure, Sebb Aston and Kilbel.

Le15 Cafe


Photo: Athul Prasad/LBB

Le15 Café is enveloped with a warm and take-it-easy vibe helped along by their music. On their Jukebox playlist, they have a lot of easy listening French pop and jazz. This, mixed with some R&B, soul and vocal blues, gives the music in the French café an interesting soul.

Music we especially liked from their playlist {and could pronounce} was by Ray Charles, Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox, The Moon Loungers and Nina Simone. We’re planning on replicating this playlist at home after a long day at work.

Cafe Mangii


Photo source: Cafe Mangii

Café Mangii not just serves amazing pizza, but also puts the best French, Italian pop and jazz music on your plate. Some Italian and French artists that we found on the BC Jukebox app were Francesco Renga, Laura Pausini, Frero Delaveg and Tal.

You can also check their Powai outlet for great music.

Indigo Deli


Photo source: Indigo Delicatessen

From retro to now, Indigo Deli likes to mix it up. They have curated their music based on the days of the week. Weekdays playing more of retro rock and commercial music, whereas on the weekends they start their day with classics like Louis Armstrong, and acid jazz like 2 Men 4 Souls, as well as swing soul music.

Harry’s Bar + Café

Harry’s is just the place to sit at for hours for the drinks and the music makes it worth it too. They play a lot of experimental music. Scrapping out the commercial content, this place plays a selection of bands with good music taste. From indie rock, retro rock, post modern to chill music, Harry’s contain the distinctive repository that uplifts the venue. While there, we requested for our favourite songs from the past by Alphaville, Cutting Crew, and Def Leppard on the app.


Photo courtesy: Harry’s Bar + Cafe

Boveda Bistro


Photo courtesy: Boveda via Facebook

Photo source: Boveda

Boveda plays a lot of classic groove music with a modern element. They generally play upbeat music electro swing, post modern swing and jazz swing.We noted down artists like the Wolfgang Loh, Nekta and Swingrowers in our little black book for when we need a musical pick-me-up.

Mia Cucina

Photo source: Mia Cucina via Facebook

Photo source: Mia Cucina

The bricked wall and wooden seating at this Italian restaurant is just the place to sit at with their mix of different pop music including Italian, French, Chill, Easy Listening, Modern and classic. The music played there is happy and upbeat, though within pop.

You can download BC Jukebox for Android phone here and Apple phones here

Featured photo: Pexels