If you are struggling with keeping your beard sharp, or have usually just been downright lazy about giving growing it out a real shot, look no further, because we have compiled a few well-groomed beards, with recommendations on where their owners get them done.

Nikhil Sangha


Photo source: Nikhil Sangha

Nikhil has played around with beard styles a lot in the past, even going up to a massive five major changes in three months during his shooting for the movie Neerja – chin strap, french beard, goatee, and more. Right now, he has stuck to one {see picture} and for that he goes to Freeda in Bandra West. While it’s a small-ish salon, they always have someone around to attend to you and it is easy to get an appointment. It’s a 10-minute job, where they always have a bunch of people at hand.

To maintain the basic beard, he uses a Maestro beard oil to settle it down.

Hitesh Pardeshi


Photo source: Hitesh Pardeshi

Hitesh keeps his beard regularly shaped, and likes to keep the length as long as possible. His go-to person is Pramod Thakur {contact him on +918286434864}. He’s not great at suggesting styles on his own, but can replicate any look you show from the internet {such as Instagram accounts} quickly and with ease. He sits in a salon run by two outside sector 2, Charkop in Kandivali West.

Otherwise, to keep the beard smooth and neat, Hitesh oils it regularly with almond oil, uses a special beard balm before going out, and occasionally washes it too.



Photo courtesy: Raylin

Kings in Bandra is Raylin’s choice of salon. He keeps a regular beard which is slightly thinner on the sides and longer down, and just needs to get it done once in 10-12 days. It’s a regular, not-so-fancy place, but they do a good job. Especially to keep up with the trends, the guys here keep themselves up-to-date with new styles. But the best thing about them? They give an awesome 20-minute massage when he goes for his beard shaping and quick head shave. That makes it all worth it.

Vaspaan Dastoor


Photo courtesy: Vaspaan Dastoor

Vaspaan often visits the iconic salon Air-Kool that his grandfather used to go to. It’s an old-school, barber shop in Colaba that’s a little traditional – old, well-trained staff in white uniforms bustling about, each sharp as a tack but not very ‘with it’ with new looks. He gets a regular lining up and evening of the beard here from time-to-time and recommends them for their no-nonsense job. They always ask the customer what they would like but are also good at suggesting looks themselves.

It costs around INR 100 for his beard shaping. For keeping it, he uses beer shampoo two to three times a week, combs it and uses a moisturiser too.

Nabeel Merchant

Photo courtesy: Nabeel Merchant

Photo courtesy: Nabeel Merchant

Most praised of the lot was Nabeel’s beard-maker and keeper, Shakeel bhai. Shakeel bhai is a legend at the little salon Morning Star. He trims and shapes Nabeel’s beard, and does his job quick. He’s excellent at recommending different styles to you, and is pretty point blank when he thinks something won’t suit you too. Thank him from saving you from a potential disaster, maybe?

Despite the high praise, the price remains low between INR 70-120 a trim.

You can contact Shakeel bhai at +919029750534

Featured photo courtesy: Hitesh Pardeshi