Before & After: This Mumbai Dude Lost 75 Kilos And We're Totally Inspired

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Do you feel unfit and think that achieving a super hot body is impossible? Think again, because Mumbai-based Mansoor Fallah will definitely change your opinion.

His Story

This 25-year-old boy, who weighed a whopping 163 kilos, one day decided to take his life and health seriously and with immense hard work and dedication lost a whopping 75 kilos, and is now on his way to bulking up to get his desired body type.

Back then he weighed 163.4 kilos, and that was surely demotivating. In the initial six months he did cardio and followed a very strict diet, where he turned himself into a complete vegetarian {the meat wasn’t helping at that point and wasn’t needed either}.

The Process

What Mansoor is today is the result of all the hard work, dedication and help given to him by his mentor and trainer Mimoh Yuvraj Kamble {you can get in touch with him on, or +91 91674 25236}.

He has been training Mansoor from the day he entered the gym and even for the recent marathon he ran. Mansoor says, “That medal gives you so much happiness.” He trains Mansoor with a different pattern, where there are so many variations every other day. The man has learned what modern science expertise is, and tries something new every now and then. At his lowest, with the help of his trainer Mansoor weighed 88 kilos.

His Current Fitness & Diet Regime

He keeps his diet high protein and high fiber with a good amount of fats everyday. He believes that nutrition is magic and one has to understand the trick. He hates carbs, and generally avoids them apart from fruits.

He works out at a local gym in Wadala called New York and he does his cardio sessions at Five Gardens and says that it is the most beautiful place to run. He currently is bulking up and as a part of the process is putting on weight to get his desired body shape {he’s presently at 98 kilos, and wishes to add a few more}.

His Cheat Day Picks

His Sunday mornings are the most beautiful because that’s the day he eats ready and ventures out to eat. Usually it’s dosas or a wholesome south Indian breakfast at either Arya Bhavan or Cafe Madras in Matunga.

Also, he would any day pick desserts over abs, but having said that, he’s clear about one thing – the point is to stay fit, stay motivated but not kill your wants or die hungry. So earn that waffle, don’t just buy and eat it. For desserts, he’d pick Theobroma and  Cafe Bogeto at Matunga.

Anything Else?

Mansoor says consistency is what will take you to places. With the right guidance, your body can achieve what your mind can perceive.



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