Go Here, Do This: Plan A Weekend At Some Of The Best Beaches In Mumbai

Vernika posted on 15 June

Ten-Second Takeaway

Mumbai is a coastal city but what we lack is a clean beach. But, there are a few exceptions where one can feel life coming alive with that swift sea breeze. So, we picked out some of the best beaches in Mumbai for you to explore and visit.

What is it?

Mumbai is the crowning glory of the nation’s west coast. Being the beautiful city that it is, Mumbai is studded with a number of seafront areas and beaches that provide much-needed respite from the chaotic, crowded city life. Locals often retreat to these beaches during weekends or even on everyday basis to not only gain respite from the nuances of Indian metropolitan city life, but also to rejuvenate themselves after a hard day at work.

Marine Drive

A 3-km stretch of road by the sea that is renowned for being one-of-its-kind in this city. Marine Drive adorns the rock-strewn sea side, also known as ‘The Queen’s Necklace’, and is home to a number of notable restaurants, five-star hotels as well as food shacks and hawkers providing varied services including tea-coffee, snacks and even massages.

Chowpatty Beach

At one end of Marine Drive is Chowpatty beach, where you can sit by the beach, or simply unwind at one of the numerous food shacks. It offers a sharp contrast to what is one of the most expensive residential and commercial districts of the city.

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is located in the posh western suburbs of Mumbai. It is considered to be a hub for the who’s who of Mumbai, especially celebrities. You can get your grub here from the various stalls selling pav bhaji or chaat. And if you’re lucky, you may get to spot a celebrity in the wee hours of morning.

Versova Beach

Yet another sand strip, Versova Beach lies quite close to the Juhu Beach.  A hub for the fishermen to exhibit their fresh catch, this is a unique experience that truly adds to the versatile dreamland that Mumbai really is.

Madh Island

Madh Island is slightly further down, but is slightly more secluded than the others on this list. It often makes for a quick, short getaway, and the fact that the beaches are clean, add to its appeal.


Apart from these, you can check out other recommended Mumbai seafronts, like the Worli Sea Face, the glorious Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Aksa Beach, Marve beach and Gorai Beach.