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Nupur posted on 12th December

Be Pro-Choice: Five Gift Cards To Hand Out As Gifts This Year

Ten-Second Takeaway

Gifting is a tricky business, especially if you’re one of those who hate getting into the ‘what does he/she like’ spiral. Gift cards on the other hand, tend streamline things. If you know what the person is into, you can just give them a gift card and give them the biggest gift of them all – choice.

Origin One

Have a friend that goes gaga over clean sheets of paper or has bottles of glitter hoarded for DIY purposes? Try giving them a gift card from Origin One, starting at INR 1,100. They also have stationery boxes that are travel-themed.

Buy it here.


Have someone in your life who’s way too choosy with things? Someone who always puts the shopkeeper in a tizzy when you go with them to buy something? Gift XOXO has a bevvy of brands that can cater to anyone. From apparel to shoes and makeup, they’ve got your back with options and prices {they start at INR 100}.

Buy it here.

Wow Tables

For the friend you have your burger eating challenges. What can possibly strengthen an already awesome friendship? We say fried chicken and pizza come very close. Their gift cards start at INR 1,000.

Buy it here.

Fizzy Goblet

For the ones who like to answer the question ‘where’d you get those shoes from’ often and do not mind the attention at all, gift them a voucher from Fizzy Goblet, starting INR 500 only.

Buy it here.

Forest Essentials

For a friend whose battle against chemicals has been long standing, a gift card from Forest Essentials would hit the spot. Their all-natural Ayurvedic products are raved about and the prices guffawed at. But hey, love doesn’t have a price tag. Their gift cards start at INR 3,100.

Buy it here.