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Le15 To Tiggle: 11 Blends & Mixes To Make The Perfect Hot Chocolate At Home!

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There's nothing like snuggling with a mug of hot chocolate during cold nights while watching your favourite shows, or those Netflix movies you'd bookmarked for the weekend. Ordering in may not really sound like a good idea because your drink may not remain as hot as you'd like it to be. And if you've run out of stock at home, then this list of hot chocolate blends is for you.

P.S: These homegrown brands deliver across India, so keep the chai and coffee aside and make yourself some soul-satiating hot chocolate at home! 


Le15 Hot Chocolate Mix

Le15 Hot Chocolate Mix

You may think we are bias because team LBB loves Pooja Dhingra. Yes, we do. 100% But we also love what she does, and how wonderful her products actually are. Fans of her cookies and oh-so-delicious cake mixes, we have also turned fans of the hot chocolate mixes. In classic, mocha and salted caramel options, they come in boxes of five each. The sachets are perfect for gifting others and yourself, especially when the temperatures drop. 

Pro Tip: Pooja and Le15 have just released a monsoon special which is a limited-edition Chai Spice Hot Chocolate Mix. Available online, get it quickly before the rains go away! 


Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot Chocolate Mix


A premium chocolate brand which never fails in bringing the finest ingredients and cocoa beans from across the globe. From their signature bonbons to unique flavours - they're surely on out top lists that pops up when we think about quality chocolates. While their range of chocolates is spot on, their hot chocolate mix is like warmth in a mug. This one's especially ideal for those who love dark chocolate as it's made with 70% dark chocolate. 

Shell Out: INR 495 for 180 grams. 

What's More: Their chocolate boxes are heavenly. Really! So, if you're carting their hot chocolate mix, do call for a box as well.  

Sarah's Cocoa

Hot Chocolate- Dark - 140 gm

Hot Chocolate- Dark - 140 gm


A lockdown baby, Sarah's Cocoa is a cool e-store that specialises in an array of hot chocolate blends including dark hot chocolate, coffee hot chocolate, classic hot chocolate, cinnamon and marshmallow hot chocolate. We'd recommend going for dark chocolate. 

Shell Out: INR 325

What's More: If you're tempted to stock up more of these cutesy jars, go for their cinnamon hot chocolate. 

Toska - Artisan Chocolates

Masala Chai Hot Cocoa Mix


Known for its bean-to-bar philosophy, Toska is a homegrown brand known to manufacture the finest and premium quality chocolates in the country. Oh, and good news for hot chocolate lovers, they have an array of hot chocolate blends as well including classic hot chocolate and masala chai hot chocolate.    

Shell Out: INR 390

What's More: To further satisfy your chocolate cravings, you can also opt for their sinful chocolate spread. 

Choko La

Vegan Cocoa Powder

Vegan Cocoa Powder


We've been quite obsessed with Choko La's cocoa blends. Packaged in cool tin boxes, these come in an array of flavours including hazelnut, vegan cocoa powder, classic milk chocolate, coffee-chocolate drinking powder etc. We hear the white vanilla and the cinnamon chocolate blend is a must-try.

Shell Out: INR 300 for 180 grams

What's More: You can also pamper yourself with dark chocolate bars, bites, blends, crunchettes, and cookies from Choko La.

Jindal Cocoa

Drinking Chocolate:Mocha- 200gm (Pack Of 2)


Their love for chocolate stems right at the bean, that they source from India and Switzerland, and ends at their many products produced at their manufacturing unit in Jammu. While they've got amazing chocolate spreads for your bread, we're in love with their hot chocolate blends. Can pick their Mocha one or Cinnamon. 

Price: INR 180 for a pack of 200 grams (pack of 2)

What's More: If you're a breakfast person, they've got peanut, hazelnut and almond chocolate spreads as well. 

Wandering Beans

Classic Hot Chocolate (150gm)

Classic Hot Chocolate (150gm)


While Wandering Beans has been our favourite and go-to for coffee, of late we've been addicted to their hot chocolate blends. They got yummy six flavours including classic hot chocolate, salted caramel, hazelnut, peppermint, death by chocolate and spiced hot chocolate.

Price: INR 300 for 150 grams

What's More: Go for their peppermint and spice hot chocolate if you're looking for a break from the regular hot chocolate drink. 

Oh, and if you're yet not over #DalgonaCoffee, watch this

Nutty Yogi

Drinking Rich Dark Chocolate (100g)

Drinking Rich Dark Chocolate (100g)


Yep. This one's for healthy snacks and munchies, but Nutty Yogi also offers yummy beverage options and blends. One being their rich dark chocolate blend. So, if you love your hot chocolate not that sweet, this jar is what you need to stock up on. 

Price: INR 230 for 100 grams.

What's More: While ordering their hot chocolate, you can also cart their raw cacao ribs   


Jaggery Hot Chocolate Mix - Makes 10 Cups


Tiggle, an online store that specialises in hot chocolate, is offering an organic jaggery hot chocolate blend! And this comes with a pinch of flavours like cinnamon and sea salt! Tiggle sources finest cocoa from the farms of Tamil Nadu, so expect next to cafe level hot chocolate.   

Shell Out: INR 340 for 10 cups. 


Premium Hot Cocoa Drinking Chocolate

Premium Hot Cocoa Drinking Chocolate


A Kochi based brand, Cocoacraft is known for its premium chocolate and cocoa products. While they are majorly known for their fine art of making chocolates, we recommend you try out their sinful hot chocolate blend as well! 

Shell Out: INR 264 for 300 grams

The Daily Gourmet

Hot Chocolate Mix- 150 gm


Well, if you're a sucker for cutesy pin boxes, it's the second reason you should buy this hot chocolate mix. First reason? Daily Gourmet's hot chocolate is basically comfort and warm hugs. For cafe-style hot chocolate, we'd say add a pinch of salt to really bring out the cocoa flavour. 

Shell Out: INR 295 for 150 grams.