Lounge In Style: This Private Pool Villa In Kihim Is Luxury Goals

Birdsong Villa


Has the week's routine been a tad much? Are you looking to wake up inside a villa that feels like home, but is ten times more luxurious than your own? If the answer's yes, then bookmarking Birdsong in Kihim makes a lot of sense. Here's why. 

What Makes It Awesome

Mollycoddled amidst the gorgeous village of Kihim, in the northern region of Alibaug, Birdsong's architecture is sheer brilliance. The property is as neat from the inside as it looks from the outside. There are two master bedrooms with minimal decor, coupled by large windows and white curtains adorning the panes. Both the rooms overlook a huge swimming pool inside Birdsong, where you can take a dip with your tribe, or play a game of volleyball, maybe. 

What steals the show at Birdsong is the fact that the property has more open spaces than confined rooms. The owners have converted them into lounging areas, for if you want to peacefully read a book, or maybe set up a picnic in the garden space. If an evening of barbecue and bonfire is on your mind, then the owners are just a call away to arrange it for you (at an additional, but meagre cost.) And when you need some yum in your tum, you can always get yourself a local meal prepared by the caretakers. 

Birdsong's just a 45-minute ferry away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and it brings you closer to what tranquility feels like. Are you in for embracing it? 


You get the whole villa for INR 22,000 a night and it accommodates eight people. Quite cost-effective, when you split the amount, peeps. Hurry up, and book it for the upcoming weekend. 

Birdsong Villa