What Is It?

You might have done yoga, and maybe you’ve done it enough to be a little bit bored by the same old asanas. But have you ever tried doing yoga while blindfolded? If not, we have the event for you to go to.

Who Is It For?

For the yoga-lovers, and for those who will try anything once. The workshop is being held at the Future School of Performing Arts, and will last for two hours. We think it will be a very interesting way to spend your Sunday morning – and in fact a much better way to spend INR 500 than on an overpriced brunch.

Why Should I Go?

Because it promises to be an even more mindful way of experiencing yoga. According to the organisers, by closing one of the most active and energy consuming senses, you learn to strengthen your other senses while being more mindful of your instincts and surroundings.

Anything Else?

The class will be conducted by experienced yoga practitioner, Priyanka Nair.

Where: FSPA, CST Road, MMRDA Area, Bandra Kurla Complex, Santacruz East

When: 11am, Sunday, Nov 6

Cost: INR 500

Check out the Facebook page for the event here, and buy a ticket here.

Featured photo source: UACTIV