Ten-Second Takeaway

Craving that sugar high? We found Sugar Russh, a small place located beside Sahakari Bhandar at King Circle which can fulfill your every craving with their blueberry pancakes.

Chow Down


The pancakes {sold to us for INR 120} came in a pool of maple syrup, topped with the thickest jam along with huge chunks of blueberry. They had three huge hot slabs of pancakes that were simply the best we’ve ever had. They were  topped with whipped cream and strawberry ice cream. All of this was further splattered with strawberry syrup into super-sweetness.

The place serves only vegetarian food which includes pastas, waffles, crepes, pizzas, and lot more, so you can sample that as well.

Sip On

Their Nutella milkshake is exceptional.

So, We’re Saying…

Head here for when a bar of chocolate just won’t do the trick.

Photo courtesy: Sugar Russsh