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Booksellers Of Mumbai: This Fort Bookseller Hides His Favourite Reads If He Thinks You're Not Worthy

    Fort, Mumbai


    Bablu, the bookseller who proudly stands next to his book stall in Fort, is one of the best-read people you will meet.

    What To Buy

    At this bookstand there is a limited collection to choose from, but each book comes with a recommendation and/or an opinion, along with a favourable price tag.

    You will find a varied assortment of books here, from Twinkle Khanna’s newest book to Jeffrey Archer, and even some philosphical gems. Bablu loves to read himself, and finds the best part of the job getting to read all the books before, and meeting book-lovers on a daily basis.

    He has his own opinions on books {he loves philosophy}, however, and says that he recommends books according to what people like, and may even hide a book from sight if he loves it too much and fears it being sold to the wrong reader for it. Maybe he too believes that like with wands, the book chooses the reader. His favourite, however, is Tuesdays with Morrie. 

    The books are priced at either fifty per cent the original price or lower and are secondhand in nature.

    So, We're Saying...

    At this corner where a street book stall and a bhelpuri stall collide, you will find yourself in a mini intellectual heaven after satisfyingly stuffing your face with bhel.

      Fort, Mumbai