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A New Exhibition At CST Will Include Vending Machines Which Draw Art

Bhavika posted on 14th October

What Is It?

Did you know that CST was once called Bori Bunder? An art exhibit themed around the Mumbai trains, commuters and CST, formerly Bori Bunder and VT, is popping up installations across the city – in Palladium Mall, and on the platforms inside CST itself.

This has been organised by ArtOxygen, a contemporary arts organisation in Mumbai, and has works by artists from India, Hong Kong, Italy, including those by Pradeep Mishra, Peggy Chan, Teja Gavankar, Owais Husain, Andrea Coretto and six other artists.

Who Is It For?

This is an exhibition for anyone who has ever felt the rush of the city, that could be just about everyone. For the train travellers, the mall-hoppers, the office-goers, students bustling rush hours. But most of all, it is for those who have never had an encounter with art, as they will get a chance to explore it in places least expected – inside the station, or in the atrium of Palladium mall. Another venue for this is the the ICIA- The Arts Trust in Fort and the J.J. College of Arts, although J.J. is not open to the public.

Why Should I Go?

The exhibits are not your usual in which you stare at the art, but you can actually interact with it. For example, you can go to pop bubbles on the wall, watch a cool art-vending machine draw a sketch for you when you put in a coin, or to sing happy birthday between platform 7 and 8 at CST, or platform 7 and 3/4 , if you will.

Also, it’s absolutely free of cost, and you don’t have to take out any extra time for this touch of culture.

Anything Else?

The exhibition is taking place at a variety of venues, and on different dates for the many installations. We recommend taking a look at the clearly-explained schedule here and deciding your route for the day.

When: Oct 8–Nov 30

Where: CST railway station, Palladium mall, Lower Parel, ICIA, The Arts Trust in Fort, Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, Fort

Price: Free

Check their website here. Find more on Facebook here.