Starting Today, You Can Take Air Conditioned Local Trains From Borivali To Churchgate


As it was previously reported by The Hindu,  Western Line will see A/C trains plying from Borivali To Churchgate. The trials had started recently and beginning from today, we can all travel in peace {fingers crossed} from Borivali to Churchgate.

What Is It?

Blue and silver-coloured tubes of hope, Western Railway has decided to employ air-conditioned trains on Western and Central lines, starting today, December 25. The authorities plan to devise an organised system for boarding the trains {a queue, if you ask} and the fare is expected to be on the lines of Delhi Metro fares. With automatic doors, the authorities will make sure the passengers don’t block the boarding process.

There will be frequent ticket checking in the coaches and the trains are expected to be cleaner. The rake can seat 1,028, while 4,936 standees can be accommodated at maximum capacity. While the timings of these trains are yet to be fixed, they will function daily. As per this report, six return services will run every day.

So, We're Saying...

Taking into account our history with shiny, new, awesome things {like Tejas Express}, we hope this development won’t fall prey to antics. Hope is what we really have here.