Stressed At Work? Five Apps That Will Make You Feel Better Within Minutes

Bhavika posted on 14 February

The grumbles and rumbles of everyday life can be quite annoying, and many of us often find ourselves panicking, feeling out of control and getting stressed. For times like those, don’t let yourself sink into the negativity, and just take out 5-10 minutes to space out and breathe. These apps that you can download on your phone will help you keep calm and remember that whatever is happening is just external, and therefore, unimportant.


Most worrywarts recently converted to calm souls recommend Headspace as a meditative app.

With an introduction animation asking you to take one a little time to be in a happy head space, and it works. Give it 10 minutes every day, preferably at the beginning of your day and it takes you through a few breathing exercises initially along with a calming picture.

Android users, download it here. For iOS, download it here.

White Noise Lite

Is the clattering of sounds at work and the honking from the street making your mood unpleasant? Drown out all the other sounds by plugging in your earphones and listen to the calming sounds of a beach, rushing water, and so on.

Even if you are just on the train, and feeling on the brink of annoyance, listening to this will calm you down and make your mood better.

Download it here for Android and here for iOs users.


SAM is an app used for both understanding and managing anxiety.

It is available for free to both Android and iOS. It helps you to track your level of anxiety and gives methods, help and technique as to how you can cope with it. It has breathing tools, exercises to relax your muscles and more.

Download it here and here.

Hear and Now

Hear and Now is a perceptive app to help you deal with the release the stress you’re feeling at work, and in everyday life. The aim is to combat negative stress and analyse it. The app also measures your body stress by checking the pulse in your finger through the flash portion in the phone’s camera.

You can also set reminders that will ping you in the middle of when you think you may have a panic attack {right before a deadly meeting} to do deep breathing exercise, and asks how stressed you feel before and after the exercises.

Download the iOs version here.

Stop, Breathe, Think

Stop, Breathe, Think helps you meditate according to your mental and emotional state. It begins with asking you to tune in with yourself, check how you are feeling mentally, physically and emotionally {and click on boxes to check the emotions you have}. The app then guides you to do different meditation and breathing exercises, as well as shows yoga postures and exercises to guide you with the help of videos. It’s bright, happy interface will uplift your mood whenever you do use it.

You can download it for iOS here and Android here. You can also just simply use it on their website.