Low On Cash? This Budget-Friendly Cafe Offers Yum Food & Drinks!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Looking for something very compact and snacky Cafe in a budget and Steamy Mugs is your call.

Ambience -7.5/10
The Ambience is full of motivational. I can say that the wall is also a message of motivation. They have tons of books which motivates you a lot. They have outside sitting also and inside sitting also almost the ambience is a very homely thing.

Food and Drinks - 8/10

1) Tiramisu hot chocolate
I am not a coffee lover but this coffee is one has to taste it and if you are a coffee lover you wanna loved it a lot because this coffee contains the Tiramisu hot chocolate and it's one of the most refreshing thing and most awaiting thing I had.

2) Green apple cooler
One of the most refreshing coolers you can have this green apple cooler. It's full of mint and the green apple flavour with along with that Sprite and it's very very refreshing

3) Peri-peri Maggie
The Peri-Peri Maggi is amazing the masala in the Maggi was amazing it has an amazing taste if you are a Maggi lover you love this Maggi a lot as the waiter itself suggested that we should go for Peri Peri Maggi and the suggestion was never wrong and we love that thing.

4) 5 pepper pizza
This is something different I have tried in pizza they have 5 pepper pizza in that they have almost Three Types of Shimla Mirchi and two types of other paper also. They have so including everything was so tasty and the cheese was also in a perfect amount.

5) Thousand island
Oh my god, the hero of my evening was this thousand Island sandwich. It is amazing it's fully loaded with cheese the vegetables and along with that the give you salad also which is in the centre and along with that they give you for amazing keeping. I think one was green chutney canvas Orange my one was a barbeque and one more thing it was.

Service -9/10
Very impressive and quick

Staff- 8/10

What Could Be Better?

Passion fruit ice tea.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae, Family

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