20 Gifts For Those Days When You're Broke, But Have Got People To Impress!


    Your cousin's engagement party. Your best friend just got promoted. Your colleague has recently purchased a new home.  Whether you're sociable or no, our lives almost always revolve around these zillion chotu chotu occasions. Now, we understand, you might not be super close to everyone, but at the same time don't want to miss out being a part of their happiness. Toh little something to banta hai. 

    From decor to luxury bath and from stationery to fashion accessories, we've hunted down a bunch of products which look expensive, but in reality, don't burn a hole in your pocket. Promise.

    PS: They're all under INR 1000. 

    Home & Decor

    A Luxe Jewel-Studded Glass Votive

    Exclusive Design Ornate Glass Votive With Jewel


    Glass, jewel and gold. Nothing speaks luxury more than these three words. This tiny little votive is sure to brighten up the dull corners of one's living room or dining room. 

    A Pinteresty Yellow Lantern

    Cylindrical Metal Cutout Lantern


    This Pinterest-y lantern is ideal when you're looking to gift someone in your friend circle or a colleague who's throwing a tiny party to celebrate something. Who wouldn't love to hang this on their window or balcony? 

    PS: This comes in 6 shades, so you can pick any. 

    Decorative Glass Jar With A Metal Finish Stand

    Contemporary Style Elegant Clear Glass Votive With Metal Stand


    Another contemporary piece of decor which is great for those who love all thing sleek, chic and minimal. This glass decorative votive works as a great centrepiece in one's dining room. 

    Take a look at some other dinner party essentials for your next get-together. 

    Blue Pottery Themed Diffuser

    Blue Pottery Diffuser


    Floral, vibrant and chic, this piece is marrying zen and decor. Just light up a tea light candle, and there, you've gifted someone lots of good vibes and a great addition for their zen zone.  

    Here are 10 more home accessories that look hella expensive, but aren't!

    Luxury Bath & Beauty

    Luxury Bathing Kit (This One's A Steal)

    Luxury Mini Kit


    You can't go wrong with this one. Really! This mini luxury beauty kit includes a body wash, ubtan, moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner. Brownie points for being paraben-free and cruelty-free. 

    Costing only INR 500, I'd say don't think too much over this one. Anyone would be happy to receive a kit like this. 

    Red Wine Face Gel

    For those who wanted to gift a bottle of wine, but your wallet doesn't seem to permit - this is your safest bet. A little niche for sure, but it's sure to grab eyeballs and interest for its unique nature. A red wine face serum, this is power-packed with the benefits of aloe vera and grape. 

    They've also got a red wine shampoo

    A Refreshing Sleep Oil Face Serum

    Sleep Oil Face Serum


    Natural, refreshing and rejuvenating - this lavender-scented face oil is ideal for a great sleep. Simply apply it around your nose, and you're in for a perfect 9 hours of zzz. 

    Luxury Bathing Gift Box

    Handcrafted Luxury Bath Gift Box


    This luxury bathing gift box is sure to elevate one's bath time. Whether you're looking to gift a teacher, cousin or an aunt - this gift box is sure to bring a smile on anyone's face. 

    Some more gift hampers for every type of personality!


    Indigo Hued handcrafted Notebook

    Indigo Mushroom Up cycled Handmade Notebook


    If you're not sure about the person's taste, notebooks are almost always the safest bet. Handcrafted and upcycled, you can gift these to those who are organised AF, love travelling or have started a new job. 

    Plantable & A Minimal Calendar

    Seed Paper Calendar 2021 - Minimalist


    When gifting this, make sure you let the person know that this is plantable. Meaning, after every month that's passed, that sheet of paper can be grown into a plant. And this way, your gift stays with them for life. 

    Chic Emerald Green Diary

    "Believe" Green A5 Diary


    Emerald green, neat binding and a minimal golden engraved text, this diary is suitable if you're looking to gift a little something to your parents, family members or colleagues even. 

    Bags & Jewellery

    Classic Vegan Leather Tote

    Vegan Leather Solid Black Tote


    This one's also the best-selling, folks! Spacious, functional and classic black - any girl will be head over heels to receive this vegan leather tote as a gift. 

    Love this? You'll like these too! 

    Three-Layered Gold Neckpiece

    Multi Charm Detail Three Layered Gold Choker

    A 3-in-1 multi-functional neck-piece, this piece of accessory can literally dramatize any of your casual outfits - from your plain white basics to a simple black dress. 

    Funky Floral Motif Earring

    Floral Motif Detail Jaal Drop Earrings


    Another great gifting option for someone who's into junk jewellery and jhumkas. This can be worn for a small festive party, sangeet or wedding even. 

    Chic White Watch

    Wanderlust Watch- White


    For your wanderlust and travel buds, or your friends who're almost always late, this pocket-friendly watch is a great recommendation. Ace your formal look or wear it with your maxi for a brunch - either way, this watch is great to go for almost every occasion. 

    Quilted & A Classic Black Shoulder Bag

    Quilted Flap Shoulder Bag


    This one's extra, as I simply love this quilted bag. It not only looks super elegant and sleek but is also functional and good to carry all your essentials.