Bro, Shopping Under A Budget This Festive Season? Check Out These Shirts Now!

We all love a good bargain, and we gotta tell you, why head out when you can pick from a bunch of absolute favourites, with just one click? It's the festive season, there's a lot to do and there's such little time to focus on what matters - yourself. Guys, we're here to help you figure out shirts on a budget this festive season. 

Handblock Ethnic Paisley Print Casual Shirt

If you're looking for that modern touch to your ethnic wardrobe that can be worn for any occasion, check out this gorgeous shirt by Fancy Pastels, that's got hand block printing all over it. It screams of elegance, is subtle, and is the perfect fit this festive season. It's available in all sizes, from S to XXL, and will cost you INR 1,750.

Okhai 'Idealist' Cotton Ikat Shirt

Ikat is always trending, so it's no surprise that this shirt made it to the list! Pair it with a great pair or trousers and you're all set  for the day. While it does add to your festive look, make sure you pair it with fun accessories that can take it up a notch higher.

Handblock Contrast Pomegranate Print Casual Shirt

Wow, let's take a second to appreciate the beauty that this shirt is. It screams festive from a mile, doesn't it? Pair this with contrast trousers and you've got yourself a great look. Make sure you accessorise right! The shirt, priced at INR 1,799, is available in two colour variants - blue and pink, and is available from sizes S to XXL.

White Coin Block Printed Casual Shirt

If you're wondering what to wear to a taash party, or heck, any party out there, that can help you stand out, this is your best bet. This coin block printed shirt is stylish yet fun. Pair it with jeans or trousers to dress up or down and you're sorted. Designed by Fabnest, it's priced at INR 1,999. It's washing machine friendly, so that solves a lot of doubts, doesn't it? 

Lotus Block Print Full Sleeves Shirt

Can it get more festive than this? This cool shirt has a lotus block print all over it, making it perfect for this season. It's chic and formal, so if you've got office parties to attend, this'll work perfectly. Priced at INR 1,999, it's available in sizes S to XL. 

Two-Tone Leaves Print White Shirt

Now, we get it. White isn't as festive as it sounds. But hey, this shirt is all about making a statement. It's got a two-tone leaves print all over, so it's semi-formal. Again, if you're looking to change your office look, this is a good place to begin. Created by Happy April, it comes in sizes S to XL and is priced at INR 1,899.