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Social Distancing Does Not Mean Loneliness: Here’s How You Can Date Smart & Stay Sane!

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Yes, times are tough and we’re all doing our best to stay at home but this doesn’t mean you have to completely put a hold on your dating life. With all the extra time saved by not commuting on the jammed roads, now is the time to enjoy some old school dating on Bumble by taking things slow, steady and creative. Here’s a guide on making the best of this time!

A Quest For Love

Physical distancing does not have to necessarily mean being lonely. During this time of social distancing, invest some time in your Bumble profile. Click some fresh looks to update your photos, use the profile prompts to describe more about yourself and give a more candid description—throw in a joke or maybe an anecdote or two about yourself. Your potential boo might just be out there waiting for you to swipe right.

Stay Far, Get Close

Ladies, get your online dating game right by making the first move. Focus on perfecting those conversation starters such as, “What are you doing to keep yourself busy while you’re stuck at home?” or “Staying in every night doesn’t have to be boring, want to Video Chat over a quarantini?”. The right first move could help build a strong bond and lead to hours of fun conversation.

Dial Up The Romance

Virtual dating can help you connect on different levels. This is the opportunity to get to know someone before you exchange numbers or finally meet! Let those conversations roll while you lounge in the comfort of your home by trying out the video chat feature on Bumble. Pair it with some wine and soothing ambient lights, and voila!

Strike Up Your Virtual Date

So you’ve finally agreed to connect on a Bumble Video Chat, so now’s the time to amp up your date. Plan some fun activities to help keep the conversations flowing and to avoid any awkward silences. Why not try watching movies online, cooking or working out together, sharing videos or even dueling over a game of ScrabbleGo.

Indulge In Indoor Hobbies

Lastly, practicing self-care is essential. You want to look fresh and your best self on those online dates, right? Be kind to yourself during these distressing times, wear a sheet mask in the morning, catch up on some much needed rest in the day or take the time to brew your favourite tea. Pursue your interests and stay at home, date smart and stay safe!

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