Ten-Second Takeaway

For the butter chicken lovers out there, Monkey Bar is serving butter chicken khichdi on its menu and no, this is definitely not a drill.

Comfort Food For The Soul

Are you slightly confused by the fusion of these two very differently purposed dishes, one that serves the Punjabi appetite and the other for the lack of one? Well don’t be. It’s a creation of Chef Manu Chandra, inspired by his love for Delhi food so much so that he decided to bring the North Indian nostalgia {which honestly, we all have} to Mumbai and to our hearts but with a twist.

What Even?

The dish is prepared with love and lots of flavours. Both the elements, the khichdi and the butter chicken are cooked separately and then combined together to give us a dish that is slightly weird and delicious at all once. It’s creamy and served along with papad, cucumber salad, ghee, raita {curd mixed with shredded veggies} and pickle to make our cheat day a success.

So, We’re Saying…

Delhi is too far a trip for the comfort of butter chicken so head off to Monkey Bar and indulge yourself in the dish that is healthy {hello, khichdi?} and every Punjabi’s delight, butter chicken.

Price: INR 360 plus taxes

Featured photo courtesy: Monkey Bar