Chai & Relax: These Chai Blends Are Invigorating, Refreshing And Spicy

    What Makes It Awesome

    Who doesn’t love a strong cup of steaming chai? Pair that with a sunset and interesting book and some maska khari and you got yourself a good day. We love chai in all its forms, the traditional with adrak and also the dip kind with spices and herbs. Relaxing, calming, strengthening, there are so many benefits packed in one therapeutic cup. 

    House Of Chai has become our go-to for their herbal and house blends. With spices that hit your throat and herbs that will make you feel eternally at peace, they have something for every type of chai (and non-chai!) person. Get your blend filled with hibiscus or lavender; chamomile infused or pure tulsi, cardamom or ginger or even turmeric! They have great house blends as well, perfectly balanced and sure to wake you up. 

    Price: INR 200 – INR 850

    Shop their blends on the LBB Shop available on our website and app. We personally recommend their Green Tea variants and the lavender blend (non-caffeinated). 


    You can make your own tea blend as well! Chose any base of your liking and add to it to get your perfect cup.