Shine Bright: 21 Lamps To Brighten Your 2021


    Unique designs, contemporary outlook and top trendsetter - Statement Lighting - has surely taken the interior industry by storm. And this trend is only shining brighter. Gone are days when luxe lighting options were only limited to high-end restaurants, designer boutiques and exorbitant venues. More and more Indian households are ditching boring tube lights and welcoming statement lights that varies from vintage chandeliers to exorbitant floor lights and sleek bedside lamps.   

    Yes, these come inexpensive, so we'd say save this list for when the paycheck comes in! 

    For Minimalist Lovers: Black Metallic Finish Table Lamp

    6W LED Table Lamp

    Minimal, sleek and compact. This stylish black lamp is a great fit for your work from home station or your study. A creation of one of the most established labels in the lighting industry, Decon, this table lamp's got a chic steel finish. You can also opt for the one with a golden finish. 

    Price: INR 3,031

    Fun fact: Decon has been a pioneer in the electrical lighting industry in India since 1972. 

    Talking about minimalism, can't help but think about IKEA. Psst, here are some homegrown brands which are like this Swedish brand. 

    For Pattern Lovers: Mosaic Glass Lamp


    Turn your space into a royal palace with FOS Lighting's amazing chandeliers and lamp options. For those who are unaware, FOS Lighting is an iconic lighting store based out in Delhi's Chandni Chowk. And we're here to spread their brightness across India. We're totally eyeing their super fancy mosaic glass lamp which will surely grab eyeballs when placed in your living or dining area. 

    Price: INR 1,575  

    For Game Of Throne Lovers: GOT-Themed Book Lamp

    Game of Thrones Book Lamp

    One of the funkiest lamps in this list is this lamp by Gingerline. An uber cool GOT-themed lamp with an electric bulb on a wooden GOT book-shaped base. How cool will this look in your study or your bedroom?

    This is also probably the best gift for those crazy fans in your life!       

    Price: INR 4,000  

    For Those Who Love Colours: A Blue Hued Lamp

    Illuminate Relic Pendant Lamp

    Get rid of those blues with some blue! Handcrafted by one of our favourite lighting brands - Oorjaa - this bright blue-hued lamp is here to add drama to your ceiling. So, say buh-bye to those boring tube lights.  

    Price: INR 7,602

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    For Lovers Of All Things Modern: A Golden Capsule Pendant Light

    Modern Golden Glass Capsule Pendant Light

    Another one from FOS Lighting, this modern glass lamp is minimalism at its finest. Hang this above your bedside corner and enjoy the golden glow at night. This little bulb illuminates your room magically!   

    Price: INR 2,875

    For Fans Of Florals: Dandelion Pendant Lamp

    Dandelion Pendant Lamp

    Picture this cute flower-themed lamp up your ceiling. If you've got an all-white living room, this is a perfect pair. The best part? This is eco-friendly and sustainable made from banana paper. 

    Price: INR 8,491    

    For Contemporary Lovers: A Terracotta Dome Light

    Thouscent Dome Pendant Light

    Handmade with terracotta, this semi-circle pendant light with Warli-themed prints is ideal for those looking for a rustic yet classic look. Earth Heart is a fun local brand which handcrafts sustainable lighting options made from cane, banana fibre and more. 

    Price: INR 4,158 

    For Nature Lovers: Weavers Bird Nest Wall Light

    This one is simply so cute! Make the best use of it by placing it in your outdoor patio or balcony. Not only it add a funky look, it also brings a bit of nature into modern homes. 

    Price: INR 3,875

    For The Festive Season: Bouquet Lamp

    This cute little floral ball is a great (and the easiest) way to add festive cheers in your home. Be it Christmas or Diwali, this lamp will surely brighten your festive season. 

    Price: INR 1,099

    For Vintage Appreciators: Lantern Candle Holder

    The Three Tier Lamp

    We had to make an exception for this one, as it's not really a lamp. But, look at this cutesy lantern from Design Station. A pastel dream come true, this vintage lamp will look stunning when hung in your window or garden area. 

    Price: INR 1,850

    For Those Who Like Wood Finishes: Wooden Pendant Lights

    Hanging Light- Black & Wooden

    Got a dull corner? Brighten it with a bunch of these wooden and black pendant light set. This would be a great addition to a living room with light or white hues. These lamps are handcrafted by an iconic lighting store in Khan Market of Delhi called Lafayette Lights. These guys have been ruling the lighting industry for more than 3 decades now.

    Price: INR 4,425

    For Fairy Light Lovers: Tropical Leaf Garland

    Leaf Garland String Light (5m)

    This one's for those who are looking for a super-easy way to infuse lighting options in their bedroom. These tropical fairy lights from Glimmer Lightings can be used in multiple ways to remake those Pinteresty walls or cutesy room corners. Wrap these around your curtain, lay them over your window panel or simply hang these against your wall with a couple of photos - and you've added drama in your room in no time!

    Price: INR  580

    For Suckers Of All Things Sustainable: Bamboo Pendant Lamp

    Orbit Pendant Lamp

    Bamboo as decor? Why not!

    Mianzi is an amazing sustainable brand which uses bamboo to churn out lovely and eco-friendly home decor. And they're really acing it when it comes to lighting and chic lamps. Especially their cylindrical lamps pendant lamps which are perfect to add a chic and elegant factor in your dining area. 

    Price: 6,990   

    For Sea Lovers: Lighthouse Themed Lamp

    Lighthouse - Concrete Table Lamp

    This cute mini-lighthouse magically illuminates your bedroom. A concrete lamp with fairy lights within, this lighting option from Elemental By Nanya, adds a rustic and a chic vibe to your otherwise boring bedroom. 

    Price: INR 1,850

    For Your Zen Corner: Nirvana Cubicle Lamp

    Nirvana Table LED Fixture

    This lamp is the best option for tiny spaces as it literally can be fitted in any corner, table or shelf. And this one's also a good example of lamp doubling as cutesy decor. If this is not your vibe, Shady Ideas has got tons of cubicle lamp options as well.    

    Price: INR 1,465

    For A Rustic Look: Jute Box Themed Lamp

    Made from natural jute fibre, this storage-type looking box actually doubles up as a lamp. This one has been handcrafted by an NGO called Skilled Samaritan which employs women who are blessed with the talent of traditional weaving techniques. Apart from lamps, you can also shop for their Charpai, trays, stools, trunks, bags etc.    

    Price: INR 4,500

    For A Countryside Look: The Rolling Lamp

    The Rolling Lamp

    This lamp is perfect for adding a rustic countryside look in your space. If you've got a wooden finish or a stony wallpaper, this lamp from Project Wood is a perfect addition. Roll it around (like in the image) or stretch it across, it's sure to grab eyeballs.    

    Price: INR 1,200

    For DIY Lovers: Beer Bottle Lamp

    Large Beer Bottle Lamp

    Well, this one is a great DIY option as well. Simply grab a beer bottle and try and fit in the fairy lights. If not up for the hard work, bring home this cool upside-down lamp which you can place at your WFH desk, study or use it as a bedside lamp as well. 

    Price: INR 1,399.

    Also, check out some cutesy lamps under 999!

    Love Ultimate Elegance: Handcrafted Pair Of Wall Lamps

    Handcrafted Love Song Wall Lamp (Set of 2)

    A set of two calming and zen looking lamps, these beauties will look best against a dark wall or wallpaper. Think navy blue, black or maroon. If you're looking for more zen products like these, trust Soul Spiti

    Price: INR 3,999

    For Shape Lovers: Rectangular Tube Wall Lamp

    Rectangular Tube Crushed Cover Wall Lamp

    These are a funky and an offbeat alternative for the usual bulbs or tube lights. It's got a crushed texture, so can instantly cheer up any boring white wall or add that wow-factor you've always wanted. 

    Price: INR 4,680

    For Music Lovers: Trumpet Themed Lamp

    Cool. Funky. And Functional. This decor-cum-lamp from Vintage Crafts is a perfect addition to your bedroom or if you're a music lover - you can add it in your cosy music room. 

    Price: INR 2,800.

    Minimal Chai-Themed Glass Lamp

    Cutting Chai Table Lamp

    OMG! Look at this chic, minimal and all-glass lamp. Perfect addition for your tea-time nook (and the best gift for a chai-o-holic) this table lamp by Zo Design Life is LIT af. 

    Price: INR 1,890.