Buy Soy Milk, Multi-Grain Laddoos & More From Rare Earth For A Healthy Indulgence


Rare Earth is an organic web store that sells eco-friendly products, organic veggies and multi-grain laddoos for people looking to skip processed sugar.

Of Organic Indulgence

Rare Earth sells organic products, food and dairy-free and vegan items on their website for anyone who’s looking for a healthier alternative. They also offer home-decor stuff which is made using organic and sustainable material, such as their salt lamp {INR 2,000}. They also offer a milk subscription, and if you’re  a vegan, then you can opt for lactose free and soy milk. They also deliver pan-India.

What We Love

The choice to buy vegan products, fresh veggies, and fruits on the website. We love the multi-grain laddoo which skips the carbohydrates and processed sugar. For INR 160 you can get a pack of these laddoos home delivered. Now, you don’t have to go for the sugary, boondi laddoos if you’re looking for healthier options. They also sell choorma laddoo and meva khajur laddoo. They also offer dairy-free ice creams {INR 370 upwards} in flavours of mango, butter scotch and more so you can have a guilt-free cheat day {but is it really cheating?}.

So, We’re Saying…

If you had been browsing the Internet for vegan and healthy options for sweets or ice-creams, Rare Earth comes to your rescue.

Buy their products here.