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Enjoy The Nip In The Air With Lakeside Camping & Live Jazz Music This Weekend

Jayati posted on 12 December

What Is It?

If you, like us, are ready to bid farewell to 2016, we say lets do it with a camping trip to Deogadh in Lonavala under the open sky, a trek to Bedse caves, live jazz music and a crispy nip in the air. The trip is on 17 and 18 December and is being organised by Vagabond.

Who Is It For?


You. If you're reading this, you're probably already interested and imagining how you'll curl up next to the bonfire at night. It's a perfect quick getaway for anyone looking to camp by a beautiful, serene lake of Pawana and then trek to the mystical Beda caves in Pune.

Why Should I Go?


If you love nature, camping or are just looking for a change. Jazz music is a bonus as Autumn Soul will be there for a live gig, a Mumbai-based jazz blues band comprising of Anusha Ramasubramoney and Chantelle Menezes. There'll be camp fire to soak up some warmth during the chilly night. In fact, if you love to explore hidden places - there's a trek to Bedse caves in Pune. These caves date back to almost 1st century BC and you could have your own Indiana Jones moment right there.

Anything Else?


The travel from Mumbai to Pawana camp is included in the package. Breakfast and dinner will be provided there, along with the tents and sleeping bags. All you need to do is pack your bags {do throw in a scarf or two}, leg warmers and a bae by your arm.

Price: INR 2,650

To book your place, go here.

Photos courtesy: Vagabond