Bacon Jam Is A Sweet Reality, All Thanks To This Brand


Meatigo is an online meat destination offering a range of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products that include momos, steaks, and much more.

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Meatigo provides high quality and hygienic meat and seafood. But this portal is much more than just an online meat shop. The portal has

You can look forward to traditional Nepali momos with succulent chicken and lightly seasoned {INR 125 for 12 pieces}, Japanese tempura battered prawns that make for a delicious for light snack {INR 825 for 500gms}, Japanese breaded prawn cutlets {INR 975 for 500 gms}, Japanese hamburg steak {INR 125 for two pieces}, authentic keema parantha {INR 130 for two pieces}, spicy baked chicken wings {INR 215 for 200 gms}, smoked pulled pork {INR 375 for 500 gms}, and classic fish fingers {INR 415 for 500 grams}.

Along with this, they also have non-veg pickles and jams {think smoked bacon or smoked chicken jam} that are available for purchase.  Made from 100% bacon & smoked chicken, these sweet, chunky jams are available in 3 flavours – the Smoked Bacon Jam, the Spicy Bacon Jam and the Smoked Chicken Jam. You can slather these delicious smokey, sticky relish on your favourite burger or sandwich, mix into some pasta, jazz up the plain paratha, add a spoonful to a pizza or just simply stick a spoon in it and pig out!

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The next time you feel like having a meaty affair, you know what and where to order from. Click here to get started with Meatigo’s amazing new products.