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Clue Hunt

Bandra West, Mumbai

301, Roha Orion, 16th Road, Near Mini Punjab Restaurant, Bandra West, Mumbai

Can You Get Yourself Out Of A Locked Room In Under An Hour?


Wannabe Sherlock Holmes, check out these live escape rooms – real-life mysteries in which, equipped with a ticking clock and a closed room, you have to solve a crime.

Where Should We Go?

A good place to go to play a reality escape game is Clues Hunt. They are located in Andheri, Bandra, Kurla, Lower Parel and Fort and have 14 games to choose from. A fake situation is created around you and you are not a character in a plot. You are stuck in a room, full of clues. You have to find these clues, fit the pieces of the puzzle together and escape for your life pride. Some of the challenges also include conducting a top-stakes raid at a suspect’s house, attending an invite to a maybe-murderer’s party, finding evidence that could save the world, and more. If it sounds like a real-life version of Cluedo to you too, then we’re on the same page.

Anything Else?

Each game lasts an hour, and they have eight slots a day, starting from 11am until 10.30pm, so you can even march there after work people you tolerate and like. It is priced  between INR 500-700 {depending on the package and number of people}. Book your slot here or by calling on 912226005225 or +912226300264.

So, We’re Saying…

Do you get a certain thrill in solving an inexplicable mystery, finding the Mr X of Scotland Yard, or a satisfaction that you always knew the killer in Gupt before Bobby Deol did? {no spoilers here} You should put on your thinking pants and go and do one of these.