Can You Get Yourself Out Of A Locked Room In Under An Hour?

Gaming Zone

Clue Hunt

Bandra West, Mumbai

301, Roha Orion, 16th Road, Near Mini Punjab Restaurant, Bandra West, Mumbai


Wannabe Sherlock Holmes, check out these live escape rooms – real-life mysteries in which, equipped with a ticking clock and a closed room, you have to solve a crime.

Where Should We Go?

A good place to go to play a reality escape game is Clues Hunt. They are located in Andheri, Bandra, Kurla, Lower Parel and Fort and have 14 games to choose from. A fake situation is created around you and you are not a character in a plot. You are stuck in a room, full of clues. You have to find these clues, fit the pieces of the puzzle together and escape for your life pride. Some of the challenges also include conducting a top-stakes raid at a suspect’s house, attending an invite to a maybe-murderer’s party, finding evidence that could save the world, and more. If it sounds like a real-life version of Cluedo to you too, then we’re on the same page.

Anything Else?

Each game lasts an hour, and they have eight slots a day, starting from 11am until 10.30pm, so you can even march there after work people you tolerate and like. It is priced  between INR 500-700 {depending on the package and number of people}. Book your slot here or by calling on 912226005225 or +912226300264.

So, We’re Saying…

Do you get a certain thrill in solving an inexplicable mystery, finding the Mr X of Scotland Yard, or a satisfaction that you always knew the killer in Gupt before Bobby Deol did? {no spoilers here} You should put on your thinking pants and go and do one of these.