Ten-Second Takeaway

Candies is the legendary eatery in Bandra that thousands in Mumbai still swear by. Why does it still garner such loyalty even when new options spring up everyday? We tried to figure it out.

What Is It?

When one lands in this magnificent city, the pros will take you here, the newbies will tag along and even the ones who do not believe in the food will take you here. That’s the indomitable magic of Candies. We got talking to a few people who hang there on a regular basis and some blame it on the alfresco seating, some on the fact that they do not hover over you if you’re done eating. You can sit back, chat for hours and make a day out of it.

Although you’ll always find people trying to look for a place to sit like hounds, somehow the Portuguese-styled villa seems to accommodate everyone.

Their soft chicken sandwiches, we’re told, vanish by 11am and you can see people ordering cold coffee throughout the day. Interestingly, people find it to be ideal spot for a Tinder date. There’s so much to talk about and if it doesn’t work out, you can easily lose yourself in the staircase spiral. And of course, the discounts after 8pm doesn’t hurt either.


The staff tell us there are people who religiously walk in, work out of here, every single day. Who knew Candies would be such a top choice? About that date, you can wrap it under INR 600 easily.

So, We’re Saying…

If you like going back to the old times or just want to take it easy without the hassle of dressing up, Candies has still got its game on, and you, your money.

Photos source: Candies