Crowd Your Living Room With Statement Ceramic Home Decor From This Young Brand

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Artscape : Creations In Ceramics


Artscape: Creation in Ceramics is a lovely brand that creates ceramic home decor products, especially tiny detachable figurines perfect for setting up an exciting corner in the living room.

What Makes It Awesome

Veena Singh, an artist and potter, lives in Thane and works out of her home studio to create everything ceramics. She picked up pottery five years ago, though she has been an artist for over 15 years now.

Playing with colour and moulding her imagination into tangible art comes naturally to Veena. She tells us she likes to create little figurines that reflect the day to day banal life. And thus, we find ourselves staring at these tiny creations either lying, sitting cross-legged, or performing the most mundane activity there is.

Veena uses the Japanese technique of Nerikomi which is an amalgamation of chemistry and simple aesthetics. It involves creating coloured clay for her functional wares like bowls, platters, or even tiny ashtrays. 

Her work is beautiful, layered and can even be customised. Everything is handmade by Veena at her studio in Thane where she glazes the ceramics, or spends hours perfecting the colour and texture.

She often displays her creations in exhibitions pan-India. A small platter would cost INR 1,000. If you’d like to get something customised, you can get in touch with her via the Facebook page, or Whatsapp her on 09871247129 to see the existing work.


If you’re looking for ceramic options, you now have Veena to go to. Get gorgeous handmade tableware for your kitchen, and throw a lavish party. After all, showing off new purchases is never frowned upon.