Food trucks are the ragers of the food world. Rearing to go, they churn out grilled sandwiches and meat-packed shawarmas with a purposefulness that is unparalleled – and the food is downright delicious. Mumbai has some crazy food trucks which serve out great food and all without burning a hole in your pocket. Can you catch ’em all under INR 100? We tried. Here’s a list of food trucks in Mumbai for you :


Photo source: Fogo

Photo source: Fogo

Catch Fogo {Food On The Go} a food truck in Dahisar to get one of the best chicken and cheese sliders we have had in town {INR 70}. You can also grab a mutton kebab slider {INR 90} to go.

#LBBTip: If you’re lazy and you know it, they do home deliveries in neighbouring areas too.

The Burrrp Machine


Photo: Athul Prasad/LBB

Let’s roll our r’s and get there quick because their loaded BBQ hotdog {INR 100} is waiting for us. By the way, we also hear they have a grilled Nutella sandwich {INR 70} up for grabs too. Tempted, anyone?

Mumbai Rolling Kitchen

Photo source: Mumbai Rolling Kitchen

Photo source: Mumbai Rolling Kitchen

This bright red food truck on the outskirts on Mumbai is the answer to all late evening hunger pangs. Their Cajun Spiced Fried Chicken with Fries {INR 100 for 3 pieces} sounds great. Do try their Chicken Dragon Wrap {INR 70} too, and as for vegetarians, how does a Veg Soya Dragon Wrap for INR 55 sound to you? Yes, no, maybe?

The Hot Chick Foodtruck

Photo courtesy: The Hot Chick Foodtruck

Photo courtesy: The Hot Chick Foodtruck

Let’s not judge the place by the name, guys, because this is the only food truck with Lebanese food on this list. They serve falafel {INR 100}, hummus with pita bread {INR 80} and Baba Ganoush, which is smoked aubergines mixed with onions, tomatoes and olives {INR 100}. However, their signature dishes, both over a hundred bucks each, Chicken Jumbo Shawarma and Chapli Kebab are their crowning glory.


Let’s face it, Mumbai’s street food and chaat aren’t its strongest points. That’s why Khanabadosh’s head chef, who is from Delhi, brought along his team from his city and Lucknow to recreate the dilli chaat experience. We recommend going for their chola bhatura {INR 60} aloo chaat {INR 50} and aloopyaaz mix paranthas {INR 30}. They deliver too.

#LBBTip: It’s best to call them up before making your way there as their food truck switches location often.

Where: Currently they are at Jalvayu Vihar, Gate No. 1, Kharghar

Timings: 6.30pm–10.30pm

Contact: +919702281155

Yummy Wheels

Photo source: Yummy Wheels

Photo courtesy: Yummy Wheels

This is the food truck for vegetarians. Choose from all-vegetarian wraps like tandoori aloo wrap {INR 70, extra for cheese}, mayo tikka and paneer wraps. We say go all out and get your teeth on their jawbreaker burger which has twice of everything {INR 100} – double trouble, we say.

The Nomad Food Truck


Photo source: The Nomad Truck

The Nomad Food Truck is as it suggests, for people in a rush and always on the move. They make great pastas in four sauce options {Veg pasta for INR 90 and non-veg for INR 100}. We think that we would like a bite into the tandoori mushroom wraps too.

Do they deliver? Only on the weekends, so consider a lazy Sunday dinner sorted.

Wraps N Rolls

Photo source: Wraps and Rolls

Photo source: Wraps and Rolls

Wrap your head around this: a Cheesy Chicken Calzone, which is an Italian frankie just for INR 60 and roasted BBQ pizzas too. If that doesn’t entice you to travel to this area, what will?

Big Bite Burrito

Photo source: Big Bite Burrito

Photo source: Big Bite Burrito

We’ve got our eyes on their crab burrito {a bargain for INR 80}, cheesy chicken chimichanga {INR 100} and a three-bean burrito {INR 60}. See you there?

#LBBTip: They have an outlet in Vasai for home delivery. {Call on +918600554676}

Featured photo: Athul Prasad/LBB