Men, Listen Up! Set Wet’s New Range Will Amp Up Your Styling Game!


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    What Makes It Awesome

    “Hair styling is only for occasions” - this is definitely a thing of the past. It’s become more of a way of life and finding the right product to match your personal vibe is super important. Now, Set Wet’s classic range is all about being ‘Sada Sexy’ and we ain’t complaining! But, their all new range of products raises the bar; it lets you be: Zyada Sexy

    How? Well, for starters, it has the goodness of natural ingredients & is chemical-free. Which gives you the freedom to use it as much as you like, without worrying about damaging your hair. And more importantly, it helps you achieve any look that you desire, be it any hair type, cut or texture!  

    To begin with, Set Wet - Clay Wax lets you create all sorts of hairstyles with an ultra-matte finish. Need a quick work-ready look? Set-Wet Clay wax should be your go-to option. In fact, you can apply it while you’re hitting the gym, going for a run or even commuting to work. How so? Clay wax contains kaolin clay which is known to absorb sweat and leaves you with a scalp that’s free of any irritation. So, get your ultra-matte look with Clay Wax, that’ll stay throughout the day.

    There are times when you have to suit up for an occasion, a date or just simply want to style it up with a suit (hey, we ain’t judging!) Well, that calls for a slick ‘n shiny look. The Set Wet Pomade is just what you need then, and it’s super easy to use. All you need is a coin-size amount to apply on your hair & it’ll set your tresses for the entire day. It really doesn’t get easier than this! 

    Another product that caught our attention was Set Wet’s Extreme Hold Hair Spray. Imagine you’ve taken the time and effort to style your hair, and it gets ruined while commuting. Set Wet’s hair spray will make sure your hairstyle isn’t ruined even if you’re dancing, commuting, travelling or if it’s windy! It dries off quickly, doesn’t weigh your hair down and is super versatile. You can use it as a post-styling product or use it directly on your hair and create your preferred hairstyle. Just spray it and you're good to go! 


    The best part about these products is that they’re easy to wash off with water, contain no harmful chemicals and give a strong hold for any hairstyle you have in mind. Additionally, you can check out Set Wet Fibre Wax & Mousse Crème as they will aid you for quick, easy hairstyles. Choose from any of these products - for any look you wish for and get ready in just minutes!

    Watch this space as we’re planning something super fun for y’all! Coming real SOON!

      Featured Products