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Chilli Flakes Is Our Go-To For When We're Craving Thin-Crust And Meaty Pizzas


    Chilli Flakes is a tiny, tucked away eatery in Dadar Hindu-Parsi Colony near Five Gardens, and they are mainly known for home-delivery or takeaway for pizzas and burgers.

    Chow Down

    Though Chilli Flakes is in a few other places in Mumbai, and is not exclusive to Dadar, it’s the Dadar outlet that is known for their takeaway of burgers and pizzas. This outlet is located in the backyard of a colony in Dadar, and is mainly open for either quick takeaway or home-delivery.

    The pizzas here are thin-crust pizzas loaded with cheese and toppings of one’s choice. We recommend chicken feast pizza topped with smocked chicken ham and chopped gherkins {INR 330 for a regular size}, and the Bombay Masala pizza. For people looking for vegetarian options, their classic Margarita is simple, cheesy and delish, along with their Quattro Frommagia.

    If you’re looking at burgers, you can try out the sloppy Joe burger with its chargrilled chicken cooked with smoked bbq sauce and mozzarella cheese.

    So, We're Saying...

    Chilli Flakes is a simple home delivery and a takeaway place best for Dadar residents and college residents looking to have a good meal. Though do be warned as often their home-delivery takes upto one hour, especially when they are swamped with orders. The quantity is general is generous but it can come across a s bit over priced.

    We like it for its classic pizzas and meaty burgers, and recommend the same.