Nupur posted on 22nd December

Three Home Bakers In Malad For Christmas Cakes, Cookies And More

Ten-Second Takeaway

Whether you revel in the Christmas spirit with all your enthusiasm or prefer to keep it simple, there’s one thing that makes both worthwhile. Christmas treats and goodies with ornaments and wrapping paper spell joy for us during this season.

While Bandra is the popular hub, Malad also has the Christmas spirit. While bakers are cooking up a storm across the city, here’s what you can get in Malad, home to beautiful churches and beach sunsets.

Tamara and Thresa Miranda

Tamara and her mom Thresa Miranda are cooking up a Christmas storm with fruit marzipan for INR 1,800 per kg with milk cream at INR 1,500 per kg. They’re also doing Christmas cakes containing plums, cherries and dry fruits at INR 1,200 for a one kilo cake. Known for their corporate gifting boxes, you can place an order at +919699966561.

Vinita Vaz

Vinita has an elaborate menu with plum fruit cake at INR 900 per kg, coconut cake at INR 750 a kg, pies and tarts for INR 450, jujubes at INR 200 for 250g, flambe pudding for INR 200, raisin wine for INR 180 per bottle, marzipan fruits for INR 1,700 per kg and a lot more. You can call her at +919920032976, +919920324465 and +919930463962 to place an order.


Johanna is doing an elaborate menu of fudge {INR 390 for 250g}, jujubes {INR 50 for 100g}, cookies {INR 30 for 100g}, rumballs for INR 25 a piece, marzipan fruits {INR 375} and milk cream. She’s also makinh range of cakes like dark fruit, coconut, light fruit, vanilla, marble and banana walnut, starting at INR 150 for 500g. You can place your orders at +919769314150.