Ten-Second Takeaway

We believe we have found the best way to spread festive joy this season – through the Christmas and New Year subscription stationery boxes by Origin One.

Letters To Santa



Origin One has been making the most awesome stationery since the turn of 2014, and  while every well-designed product of their feeds our obsession with all things crisp and chic, we especially love their monthly mystery boxes. These come to you in a cute cardboard box packed with their goodies, of paper and delicious-smelling. An organizer’s fantasy, the good folks here have caught a little bit of the year-end happiness and packed up all the baubles and shine into their December festive box.

This month’s box includes a holiday reading list, christmas greeting cards, a Naughty or Nice notevook,  passport notebooks, You can choose to buy the Christmas special box till the 25th of December, or if you’re a Christmas grumplestilskin, skip this merry box entirely and ask for the New Year box which will be shipped December 25 onwards.

What Else?



We think that these would be awesome gifts to give to someone {either with your name or anonymously for Secret Santa}. If you think that a box is a bit much of a surprise, you could always just choose their products a la carte, individually here.

Love this idea and want a box every month? Go for their 3-monthly, 6-monthly or even yearly subscription plans.

So, We’re Saying…

If the smell of paper, and penning down on clean, sharp stationery constitutes your idea of a merry month, you really couldn’t be happier than with these boxes. Buy yours here.

Price: INR 1000 for a one-time small box, INR 2000 for a one-time big box

Photos source: Origin One