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Celebrate Your Time Spent In Mumbai Trains With This Fun T-Shirt

Smita posted on 7th November

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you feel the need to vow your allegiance to Mumbai {other than actually living here}, or are missing your holidays in Leh, Goa and other locations, check out this website with their quirky urban designs on T-shirts.

What To Buy

Citees is an online T-shirt store that makes products based on cities. Mumbai is not their first design, but certainly one of the best and also very special for us. To understand the design, you have to have to have lived {or we can say struggled} in Mumbai for some time. You also need to be a user of Google search, which you may just be.

No Mumbai design can be complete without a reference to our local trains. Our not very old but one of the busiest modes of transport, the Mumbai metro gets a mention here. The search term ‘going for work’ converted into ‘struggling’ by Google auto correct will resonate very well with Mumbaikars who enjoy the fast-paced life in this city. The quality of the T-shirt was also very good.

So, We're Saying...

We like the fact that someone is making something so particularly for the places we love. They probably need to work a little on their website, since you can’t use Facebook login. Also they have very limited designs currently, so we are looking forward to their eventual expansion. But all said and done, the transaction and payment was easy. Now we have a local to catch, so see you guys later.

Check out the website here.


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