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Watch A 'Secret' Play Where Even The Actors Don't Know The Script

Nupur posted on 05 August


Iran-based playwright Naseer Soleimanpour’s ‘secret play’ White Rabbit Red Rabbit is hitting Mumbai this month.

What's It About?

The play has to be performed each night by a different actor, who has not seen the script before. The script is handed over in a sealed envelope on stage {not before the play, but on the spot}. The actor envisions the script in his/her way and performs.

Each show has one actor performing. We get to see Richa Chaddha, Sohrab Ardeshir, Anuvab Pal among others.

So We're Thinking...

It’ll be interesting to see a play with no rehearsals, just pure performance rooted in the actor’s instinct.


The playwright is forbidden to leave Iran, but the play has travelled all over the world with actors like Whoopi Goldberg and Josh Radnor performing at Broadway.

Where: Prithvi Theatre, 20, Juhu Church Road, Janki Kutir, Mumbai

When: 7pm and 9pm, Tue, Aug 16 at Prithvi Theatre. Also catch it at Canvas Laugh Club {Aug 20 & Sep 4}, and Cuckoo Club at Hive {Aug 28}

Cost: INR 175

Tickets: Available at the venue and here

Contact: 02226149546

Check out the Facebook event here