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Drop The Needle Is A Meet-Up Just For Vinyl-Lovers And Collectors

Jayati posted on 21 November


Drop The Needle is a monthly meet-up series which will be bringing together the small but growing vinyl community from across Mumbai and India on a Sunday for a magical listening session.

What's It About?

Drop The Needle is a way of getting vinyl owners, record collectors and music lovers together at one space. The point of this meet up so people bring along their records and vintage records so it can be played there, letting everyone else bask in the music of these records. A community table would be kept there as well – which will showcase a wonderful collection of records by their selectors, including The Revolver Club from Mahim.

Every meet will have a theme – the theme being the genre of music. In the past, hip hop, grime, classic rock and such editions have been held. It will see popular DJs, vinyl enthusiasts who’ll play some kick ass music for you whilst you mingle. The meet up ideally would take place on the third Sunday of every month.

What We Love

The vinyl is the focus – as it brings together everyone who has a passion for these beauties. In fact, just like how in book clubs one exchanges books/ sells or buys books – the vinyl meet up would take a similar pattern. If you have a great record{s}, bring it along and play it on their fancy turn table. Interact and mingle with other record owners and collectors – and even exchange or sell the records. Buddy up with like-minded people, and who knows, a lovely record may come out of it.

So, We're Saying...

We’re loving the free flowing vibe of this vinyl meet up, and think it’s a fantastic way of getting to know like-minded people. You may come across some rare records, or meet someone who has a crazy vintage record on them. Just call up Roycin on 9967007666, and stay in the loop by registering with him. All for the love of vinyls folks.


Follow the #DropTheNeedle on the antiSocial page here and the Social Offline here for updates on the meet up.