Spill-Proof Glasses, Anyone? Five Things Every Clumsy Person Needs To Buy Immediately

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you often get your office colleagues screaming in horror due to your butterfingers, we compiled a list of things you should invest in. After all, being ham-handed won’t count as a qualification on your CV.

No-Spill Wine Glasses

Party like a responsible adult with these no-spill wine glasses. The result? No stains on dresses, you can have wine on a yacht and act sober when tipsy time comes calling. Why? ‘Cause you ain’t spilling any wine.

Buy them here.

No-Spill Coffee Flask

Have a tendency to spill coffee on your laptop’ s keyboard often? What if we told you, you could’ve avoided that? Check out this no-spill coffee flask you can keep on your desk fearlessly.

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No-Tip Cup Keeper

If your colleagues or mother has banned you from keeping cups on your desk/side table, try getting this coaster cum cup-keeper. It won’t let your drink topple over and play your saving grace at dinners.

Buy it here.

Shout Wipes

Aptly named Shout Wipes, for that’s what people do when a clumsy person is around, these wipes come in handy for the gawky. They remove stains instantly and help you clean up the act quite efficiently.

Buy a pack here.

Auto Seal Water Bottle

This one shuts itself safe as soon as you’re done using it. Perfect for those who often forget putting the lid back on bottles.

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