What Is It?

A delicious journey through coastal Karnataka and Kerala awaits you this November at Monkey Bar’s ‘Coastal Adventures’ with fresh seafood, spicy chutneys, traditional specialties and southern-style cocktails.

Who Is It For?


For all those who love south Indian goodies. You can dig into a menu that gets you the best of the shore and sea from southern fry {batter-fried calamari, coconut crusted prawns tossed in dried shrimp rub}, Kerala bao uthappam {Kerala-inspired beef fry served with bao uthappam and coconut chutney}; Udipi beet cutlets {rava-crusted beet and potato cutlets stuffed with green peas}; Clam sukkha and the humble red rice in a crunchy and unusual combination with baby spinach, raw mango, coconut, peanuts and upmensinkai in the Kuttari Salad. Wash it down with vanakam panakam, chilli puli and kapi macha.

Why Should I Go?

Because the menu spans everything you can possibly imagine, from street faves such as crispy dal vada to Kundapur-style ghee roast with fresh water prawns served with garlic toast. Their fusion also sounds very unique – there is the Batak Dosa Kerala-style duck confit with shaved onions and chutney on bite sized set dosa or the Ode to Molly- spice marinated kingfish, fragrant lemon rice, avial inspired vegetables and a turmeric and coconut milk sauce.

Anything Else?


They are also serving special cocktails inspired by the southern coast. Choose from Soulful Kadhee- gin, Kokum syrup, tender coconut, curry leaves, lime cordial or vanakam panakam – whiskey, panakam, lemon juice. Order a chilli puli-tequila, tamarind paste, green chilli or settle down with a kapi macha – dark rum, espresso, pineapple juice and cinnamon.

Where: Monkey Bar, Summerville 14th & 33rd Road, Ground Floor, Linking Road, Bandra West

When: Ongoing till Nov 30

Photos courtesy: Monkey Bar