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Coffee During Bath Time? With mCaffeine It’s A Dream Come True

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Coffee makes everything better. We strongly believe that. Even when it comes to bathing products! Our very own homegrown brand, mCaffeine, launched India’s first coffee bean-shaped bathing bars and we’re quite intrigued by it!

    Talking about coffee, we’re always torn between a classic espresso, good ol’ cappuccino or a latte. Well, mCaffeine has launched the Espresso Coffee Bathing Bar, Cappuccino Coffee Bathing Bar and the Latte Coffee Bathing Bar in a coffee bean shape and we couldn’t be more excited! We all know caffeine is a rich source of antioxidants, fights free radicals & reduces puffiness. So, why not inculcate these incredible benefits in our bathing routine? 

    Also, bathing bars are free from harmful chemicals and packed with mild ingredients that do not dry the skin. They moisturise, nourish & keep the natural oils of the skin intact, making it suitable for all skin types. How you may ask? The skin-friendly pH 5.5 of the bathing bars is the same as that of our skin, and hence, they will not dry out the skin. They are quite moisturizing, nourishing & do not strip off the natural oils of the skin making it suitable for sensitive skin as well. (bathing bars are for all skin types). And, when you’ve got bath bars which also have the awesome benefits of coffee & the lovely caffeine aroma to go with it, how could you not give it a try, amirite?

    To sweeten & give us that slight nudge, mCaffeine is giving a complimentary Bean Tray (premium wooden handcrafted, easy to clean) that’s worth INR 199, on all bathing bar orders. Now that’s an offer you certainly cannot refuse. 


    While we’ve just spilled the tea when it comes to their newly launched bathing bars, mCaffeine has an entire caffeinated personal care product range, and we’re sure you’ll find something suitable for your skin. Also all of mCaffeine’s products are cruelty-free (Peta-certified) and clinically tested & FDA approved.

    So, checkout their caffeinated product range, especially the coffee bean bathing bars. We’re definitely stocking up on ‘em! (Psst: they make for the perfect gifts!) 

      Featured Products