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This Comic Con, Fulfill Your Life's Desire Of Becoming Tony Stark/Iron Man

Shalvi posted on 20 October

Ten-Second Takeaway

Experience the world of Iron Man and Dr. Strange with Marvel's special section at the Comic Con this weekend.

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Marvel fans are in for a treat to not one, but two unique Marvel experiences at the Comic Con this weekend. First up is Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Santorum where fans can enter the Sorcerer Supreme’s domain and treat themselves to a unique experience before the movie hits theatres early next month.

And it gets better. If you love Iron Man, then you can now ‘suit up’ in his powered armour, take flights to great heights and save the world too. You can step into his suit and become Iron Man yourself, literally. The interactive experience – ‘Become Iron Man’ is an augmented reality experience that uses technology to enable fans to suit up just like Tony Stark. Once in position, players are then instructed to calibrate their suit and test the repulsor systems by shooting airborne targets.

So, We're Saying…

All you super hero and Marvel aficionados, here's another reason why you need to make the trip to Comic Con this year.

You can check this out at the Comic Con this month on October 22 and 23.

Featured photo source: Marvel