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    Young & Lovin' It: 5 Destinations In Europe Worth Your Time & Money!

    Vaishnavi posted on 18 April

    What Is It?

    Summer has officially hit India and so has vacay mode. The dream to take a Euro trip with the coolest holiday brand is just a call away. Contiki is giving away a 20% off on four bucket-list trips to Europe bagged with unique experiences for you free-spirited souls between the ages of 18-35 only. Here’s why you should go check it out.

    Discover Munich’s Best Spots On A Cool Bike Ride

    Hop on a bike and grab this opportunity to explore the Old Town of Munich in an unconventional style. Amsterdam’s nightlife and café culture, Venice’s gondola ride, Paris’ pride – the Eiffel Tower while snacking delicious crepes and much more on Contiki’s European Magic trip! The trip covers eight countries and is perfectly curated minus the boring frills for you travelers. Know more here.

    Czech Beer-Crafted To Perfection

    When in Prague, it’s only good manners to belly up for a complete beer-tasting sesh, and Contiki does it just fine! Hit the streets of Berlin on a progressive food trip, head to Budapest’s ruin bars, eat or choose to make pierogi – Krakow’s famous dumplings and so much more on Contiki’s 13-day trip from Berlin to Budapest! Know more here.

    Wine & Dine Tuscan Style

    Hit a humming eatery with them in the heart of Florence while sipping Chianti wine. Wear your wanderlust and flip that coin in the Trevi Fountain for some luck, and get romantic in Verona (the home of Romeo and Juliet.) Hop on the coach and sip Italian Espresso. Know more here!

    A Swanky Tour Of ‘Paris By Night’

    This trip around lamplit bridges, glittering streets, and cosy little cafes is going to up your Parisian game! If two glam nights in Eiffel-city, a dip at a fishing village at the French-Spanish border, and enjoying an evening of Flamenco dance doesn’t get your Insta fam jealous, what will? Know more here!

    Watch a West End musical in London

    With an included ticket to a West End musical, you’re surely doing London like a local. Head to Contiki’s very own Basement in London for cool tips on things to do here and also meet new friends in their cool lounge. Know more here.

    To make all these travel dreams come true, Contiki is offering a massive 20% discount on these trips from now until May 10 for departures all round 2018!

    With their office situated in Mumbai, you can walk in or contact Team Contiki on +912226143300/+919769831116 or

    For more details for trips from their massive 300 trip collection that best suit your personality, visit their website.

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