5 Cool Things We Found So Far In 2018 That Will Blow Your Mind

Nupur posted on 10 April

2018 is whooshing past us and we’re finally catching a breath to write this recommendation. We stumbled upon a lot of quirky, useful things in the first quarter. Check them out:

Is It A Bazaar, Is It A Cafe?

We discovered Mumbai’s very own Flea Bazaar Cafe, your one-stop-shop for all things awesome. Go here to binge on food and drinks from 13 restaurants and shop till you drop, all under one roof. Social {Bar], El Chapo {Mexican}, Chakna by Soam, Yugo Sushi {Japanese}, Super Pao, Del Italia {Italian}, Lucknowee {Tundey Kebab}, The Bohri Kitchen, Hung Li {Endowed Chinese}, Wattsappam {South Indian} and a lot more. Do we need to go anywhere else?

Rad more here.


Trade View Building, 1st Floor, Unit 5, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Technology To The Rescue

EsselWorld, one of Mumbai’s oldest and most well-known theme parks, dropped the coolest news ever. They have now introduced a virtual reality roller coaster called Tunnel Twister. Also, technology came to our rescue with a shock watch called Pavlok. If you are struggling to break out of any bad habit like oversleeping, smoking, unhealthy eating, nail biting, negative thoughts or wasting time, you need to start using Pavlok. What does the gadget exactly do? Well, it gives you a shock every time you do something you don’t want to so that your brain starts associating the feeling of discomfort to that particular action.

Amusement Parks

Global Pagoda Road, Gorai Island, Borivali West, Mumbai

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I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags...

We all know how awesome Chor Bazaar is. But there are several reasons why you might not be able to go there every time you need to buy something quirky. One can be the distance if you live in suburbs. That’s why, we found you three kickass thrift shops in Bandra that will save you the trip! P.S. We found a1920s an original Vogue for just INR 100! Read more here.

Hello, Big Foot!

Finding plus size clothes is not a problem anymore with new brands coming up with versatile fashion options and popular brands increasing their bandwidth in size. But when it comes to shoes, people {especially women} still struggle with finding awesome shoes for large feet. So, we compiled a small list of places which might help you find the right size in stylish options. 2018 started on a ‘find useful things’ note for us. Go through the list here.

Rockstar Alert

Also, we found a rockstar tailor who can stitch you an entire outfit in two hours! We bet you have at least once been in a situation where you got a last-minute news about attending an event or a wedding and you panicked about what would you wear. So, here we are to the rescue…with a super tailor. Get more details here.


Sonbai Sadan, Shop 38-GR, Opp. Ram Mandir, 50 Bazar Road, Bandra West, Mumbai