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Bookmark This Countryside Villa In Deolali For A Peaceful Weekend


    The city's hullabaloo can drain us out by the end of the week and all we look forward to, is a meaningful little vacay that refreshes us. What we absolutely love though, is the plethora of options Maharashtra has when it comes to scenic places with majestic views, and villas that make the weekend worth it all with the luxuries they provide. We've found you one tucked away in a hill station in Nashik and you'd want to book it ASAP.  

    What Makes It Awesome

    Countryside Villa has two storeys that house three lavish bedrooms and can accomodate 9 to 10 people. It's got an earthy vibe to it and has a red-shingled roof, with a grand swing inside the house in the living space, lanterns and lamps, and a lot more colorful home decor pieces adorning the plain white walls. There's a massive garden space (you can walk barefoot on fresh grass and if you're a Mumbaikar, this one's a luxury) and an outdoor seating arrangement with bricked walls that add to the earthiness of the space. 

    For INR 10,000 a night, for 10 people, we think its the real steal, and if you're looking to bond with your fam or wanting to put that college reunion plan into action, this villa is apt. The bonus? Its situated beside lake Beale in Deolali. 


    Countryside Villa is almost always booked so if you're looking to book it for a vacay you want to take maybe after a month, block your dates with them from now. Also, there aren't facilities for meals, but the owner's pretty approachable and can guide you on where to eat when in Deolali.