This Monthly Creative Meet-Up Guarantees Interesting Conversations & Free Coffee


A community of creative and communicative people meet up once a month for a series called CreativeMornings, and talk, express and sip coffee together. Sounds interesting, right?

Do You Heart Art?

You should give this group a chance! Started by illustrator-designer Tina Roth Eisenberg in NYC, CreativeMornings is a monthly community series that is spread in 177 cities across the world. At each of these meetups, there is a face-to-face interaction of like-minded or even dissimilar creatives in a city, to help get to know each other better, to network, to inspire each other and to celebrate the creative community.

Every month has a theme, such as October’s being ‘pioneer’, September’s being ‘compassion’, and other months having themes such as ‘equality’, ‘serendipity’ and more.

It is a fully volunteer-run project, and although the event is free to all, you must register online for it. The event usually happens on a Friday, The registrations open up a week in advance, and the news is usually up on the Facebook page.

So, We're Saying...

If you have an interest for the arts and would love to share what you know and learn more from others in the city, CreativeMornings is a great place to start. Plus, there’s free coffee. See you there!