Ten-Second Takeaway

Paleteria is a new home delivery service that will package and deliver freshly handcrafted popsicles to our homes, with flavours including mango strawberry and coconut delight.

What’s It About?

Co-founded by Mumbai-based sisters, Mallika Sawla and Nellanie Sawla, and launched in March 2016, Paleteria offers icy artisan popsicles {pops} for home delivery. Paleteria means ‘sense of good taste’, and comes with a simple philosophy; serving these colourful frozen fruit treats to people on a stick.

Why We Love It


The popsicles are free of artificial colouring, preservatives and are made at home by the sister duo. The only ingredient for the calorie conscious-eater to worry about is sugar.
Made from fresh fruits and dry fruit nuts sourced from a local market in Navi Mumbai, these icy popsicles are delightfully delicious. We love their menu, divided into fruity and creamy pops, in all serving 14 flavours. Choose from an array of flavours from mango strawberry to strawberry kiwi, or try their creamy pops of coconut delight or the oreo & cream pop.

How It Works

As of now, they only do home deliveries. Neatly packed in a thermocol box, filled with dry ice, they make sure the popsicles reach you in shape. Just call them up to place an order and they’ll deliver it to you anywhere in Mumbai.
Heads up, free delivery on an order of 20 and more popsicles. On lesser orders, there’s a standard delivery charge of INR 150.

#LBBTip: Try out our favourite Blueberry Cheesecake and Nutella Popsicle, and place the order before 7pm for same day delivery.

Timings: Delivery Option only available till 7 pm

Price: INR 100 a Pop

Photos: Athul Prasad/LBB