Pizza Plushies And More: You Can Paint These Adorable Cushions Any Way You Like



    Not Just Colouring is a designer duo that lets you paint your own cushions. Mom can’t say no to this now, it’s an actual thing!

    What Is It?

    The brainchild of designer duo Ankita Shinde {founder of Another Day Another Colour} and Pranita Kocharekar, Not Just Colouring is a venture that aims to bring back the joy of colouring. Thanks to them, you can fulfill your dream of colouring on the wrong surfaces {it’s just conditioning, really} with NJC. They have everything from a watermelon plushie {INR 300} to a pizza plushie {hell, yeah} at INR 150.

    Not into colouring fabrics? You can order a unicorn postcard {INR 120} or a motivational poster {INR 500}. There’s also a 30-day colouring challenge you can take up {specially if you’re not into fitness challenges} at INR 500.

    So, We're Saying...

    A great stress-buster, colouring is back in fashion after decades. Go for this and unravel the artist in you!

    Buy it here.