Ten-Second Takeaway

If you’ve been planning to take a cycling trip this weekend, we tell you why the clear roads heading to Kanheri caves in Sanjay Gandhi National Park are the best destination.

What Is It?

A ride to Kanheri caves in Borivali is always a pleasure as it passes through the lovely Sanjay Gandhi National Park. To start with, the cycling path is a very well laid-out cemented road, and is covered with thick foliage. Riders may rent a bike from the SGNP gate. Riding in the early morning or late afternoon is preferred. Remember the park opens for public only at 7am.


Photo source: Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0) (L) and Chetan Shah (R)

Riders should carry a water bottle and be well-rested since the ride up is quite steep. Carrying a nutrition bar or a banana is a great idea. The distance from the gate is approximately 7km one way, and after a initial cruise through a straight road, the gradient increases and new riders may start panting soon as the climb is quite steep. Luckily the climb is not too long. The road ends at the Kanheri caves steps.

You will be able to buy bananas, channa chat and cucumber from vendors selling it here. A note of caution though. There are countless monkeys here who will do anything to snatch food or anything else they like. So be careful. You may lock your bikes here and climb up the steps to the Kanheri caves. The ride back is a lovely ride, zooming down the slopes and then on to the shaded path back to the gate. You might see deer and other animals if you are lucky.

Anything Else?

It takes approximately 60-80 minutes, including stop time, to complete the trail. Carry proof of identity like a license or Aadhar card to keep at the bike stand.

Featured photo source: Chetan Shah