Chic And Urban: This Young Brand Is Wooing Us With Their Handcrafted Leather Creations

    Shaili posted on 15 February


    Let's admit it. We all love a good leather product, from bags to even belts and organisers, we've always had a favourite that's lasted us years. Now, to challenge the notion of loyalty towards just one brand is Daak, an urban haven of all things leather that's here to stay.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Big or small, sling or strapless, Daak gives you options that are plentiful and unique. From laptop bags to classy backpacks, their extensive range of handcrafted genuine leather products is sure to set your heart racing. 

    They have a variety of bags, ranging from a clutch to a duffle, all of them made with genuine leather. They have a varied range for both men and women and their price range is flexible if you want it personalised, from INR 1,000 to INR 1,500 for wallets and smaller products, to bigger bags ranging up to INR 8,000 as per the quality of leather.

    Take a look at their  Vintage Leather Box Bag, if you're into statement bags that don't compromise on quality. 


    If you're planning to gift these bags, you can get them customised with the initials engraved on them (bags and even wallets.)