What Is It?

Dial Organic is a home delivery lunch service which offers up organic and vegetarian food for those craving a taste of wholesome, home-style food.

Chow Down

Started by Namita Ambani, the ex-digital head at Reliance Broadcast Network, the dabba service is all about sourcing fresh ingredients from trusted sources and bringing them together to cook up a healthy lunch option. The dabba consists of a salad, sabzi, dal, rice and rotis with a sweet to finish your meal with. The dishes change everyday – a godsend for those who like variety and hate getting stuck in a culinary rut.

There are subscription options as well if you want to skip the ‘hey,what do you wanna eat’ talk with your colleagues everyday. One can try it with a single meal {INR 230} to see if it gels with your palate, and then go on to either a three day {INR 660}, five day {INR 1100}, 10 day {INR 2,200}, 20 day {INR 4,400} or a monthly plan {INR 6,450}. We like that they also have customised meals that cater to different nutritional needs. One can order a diabetic meal {INR 250}, detox meal {INR 4000 for 7 days} or a low calorie diet {INR 220}.

They have a combination delivery system through dabbawallas as well as their in-house delivery team and deliver all over Mumbai. Delivery time ranges from noon to 1:30pm.

So We’re Thinking…


If you have come to terms with the fact that living alone requires extra effort to keep oneself healthy or just crave home food all the time – opt for this dabba. It’ll save you the guilt trip that you usually get from indulging in a Thai curry every other day.

#LBBTip: Apart from the dabba, they have ventured into all things organic. One can find everything from pulses to soaps and even clothes to shop from on their website.

Timings: Mon-Sun, 9am-9pm {dabbas need to be ordered a day prior}

Price: Starts from INR 230

Photos courtesy: DialOrganic