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Have 'The Time Of Your Life' With Antifactory's Gorgeous Dance Clothing

Chitra posted on 14th September

Ten-Second Takeaway

Antifactory is a collection of dance and fitness clothing that dancers across Mumbai {including myself} swear by!

What to Buy

Clothing designed for dancers, by a dancer. Devanshi Vaishnav’s label, Antifactory, features leotards, sports bras, crop tops, leggings and shorts, all crafted specifically for a dancer’s needs. So yes, you can do a full split, and those seams will not budge! What’s more, tanks and tees are made using super-soft and breathable bamboo jersey, so your movement is never restricted. And it’s odour-resistant, too.

Ladies, stock up on the sports bras and leggings. Delightfully flattering, they’re the perfect motivation to not miss that dance class or workout. After all, who wouldn’t want to show off these stylish outfits! Gentlemen, the t-shirts and track pants are all the comfort and swag you need when you strut into that Hip-Hop class.

So, We're Saying...

As a dancer, I’m constantly looking for clothing that can bear all that I do. Bends, kicks, splits – it’s no fun when your practice sessions are accompanied by a loud ‘rrriiiip!’. Or worse, if you simply can’t move or straighten your leg enough. But lucky me, I discovered Antifactory.

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