Mumbai Will Soon Have A Travelling Cafe Where People Will Discuss….Death!


    Ever heard of the Death Cafe, where people from round the city nibble on cake, meet & talk about death and sip on tea, not necessarily in that order.

    Let's Talk

    The founder, Jon Underwood’s began the initiative in his home in the UK, and it soon spread to 39 other countries in the world.

    As stated by the group on the website, the objective of a Death Cafe is ‘to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their {finite} lives’. Till now, the various Death Cafes have been held in various cafes, restaurants, and rightly so, even cemeteries.

    The concept has spread to India under Dr. Sneha Rooh, a palliative physician from Hyderabad who increasingly realised how much people stray away from talking about death, and how uncomfortable it makes them.

    In an attempt to normalise talking about this topic, she has taken 21 sessions in India already, and in fact the first one began in a cemetery in Hyderabad!

    From talking about what an ideal death would be, to discuss how funerals and weddings have much in common, reading out loud poetry about death to complaining about how selfies shouldn’t be taken with the dead – they talk about it all!

    Tell Me More

    If you’re wondering, Death Cafe is nothing like a bereavement group – in fact there are several things a Death Cafe session is typically not allowed to have – an actual professional, no particular message that you’re supposed to promote and it definitely is not a support group.

    The idea is to let conversations naturally flow around the subject of death with no intended educational/ medical message.

    Dr. Rooh, is now travelling from Hyderabad on to other cities – first tackling the Northeast {Itanagar, Agartala and more} and will be a. giving free training on palliative medicine and b. organising plenty of Death Cafe sessions for adults and children alike in these cities. She will soon be coming to Mumbai as well.

    Follow her personal page here to be aware of when the next Death Cafe session is happening near you.

    So, We're Saying...

    Keep an eye out for the one coming to Mumbai soon, and get rid to shake off your nerves and talk about the subject we avoid the most.

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